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Top 5 Sarah Palin Parodies

In honor of Kathy Griffin’s appearance as a Sarah Palin-like judge on Glee Tuesday night, I’ve compiled a list of the five best Sarah Palin impressions in pop culture.


The Hopeful Agnostic: Finding My Faith

I’m trying to understand and I would never want to follow this blindly. I don’t know of Gen Y being a generation of agnostics, but I definitely think we’re a generation of questioners.


Silicon Valley Reaches New Heights

For all the controversy over Heidi Montag and her ginormous G-cups, we finally have people standing up for women who aren’t giving in to social pressure and are accepting, even loving themselves as is. We are beginning to see a push towards authentic (not silicon) beauty.


She’s Just Bein’ Miley!

While concerned parents and critical tweens wonder what’s next for the former Miss Montana, she insists she “Can’t Be Tamed.” Is Miley the next pop princess fallen from grace? – or is she just another girl, not yet a woman?


Communication best learned through wine, friends and food

Our travel experiences are not necessarily limited to the group tequila shot photos gracing Facebook that have become the stereotypical study abroad anecdotes. We grew up with tehcnology and as we have matured and technology has evolved, so has our way of communicating.


Are We Still Feminists?

Nancy Bauer’s New York Times article “Lady Power” ponders the idea of the Millennial generation and our feminist/anti-feminist tendencies, using Lady GaGa as a main example of the ways of the Millennial woman. I can’t help but feel targeted and defensive – mostly because I know Bauer is probably right.