I'm a recent University of Iowa graduate living in Chicago, working in advertising sales and corporate events. I love my basset hound puppy, Fergus Jackson, and all things German. Twitter: @brittneyw


It’s Spring! Get Cleaning!

With springtime comes the realization that the nasty pit of dirt and grime you denned in for the winter needs to be cleaned, and ASAP.


Growing Up Green: Confessions of a Life-Long Recycler

Growing up with an environmentally conscious mother was tough, but looking back I’m thankful. I’ve never had to consciously change my behaviors to become greener; they were simply instilled in me from birth.


Doomsday 2011: College Graduation

As graduation nears, the list of fears we have grows by the day. With swiftly approaching student loan bills, the job search, the evolution of our social circles and everything in between, we’re scared shitless.


Would You Pongr That?

Millennials may one day use “Pongr” as a verb the same way we use “Google.” So what does Pongr mean?


Hit Us, Britney, One More Time

Before Ke$ha’s sleaziness, Gaga’s pantslessness and Christina’s “dirrty”-ness, there was Britney’s innocence.


Two Cents on All Things Golden

The dresses! That host! Those beautiful brown eyes of Robert Downey, Jr! Sunday’s Golden Globes have already been dissected by critics and fashionistas, now a 20-something, after watching with her roommates on the couch, gives her two cents on all things Golden.