I am a recent college graduate trying to figure out my next step in life. Until then, I'm living life day by day. I'm enjoying spending time with my friends and family, doing some traveling and relaxing, and finally reading a book for fun for the first time in years. I am extremely outgoing and love meeting new people. Everyone has their own exciting story to share. I love traveling, sports, history, reading, Europe, cooking, and reality television. Some of my goals are to visit all seven continents, learn another language, and see the north pole. Every day is the chance for a new adventure.


An Online Guide to Apartment Hunting

Moving is a pain in the ass. Thankfully, technology and creative thinkers have developed some resources that ease this pain just a tiny bit.


The 5 Faces of Drunkenness

Generally, wasted people will fall into one of five categories, depending on the night, mood, and even perhaps the type of alcohol consumed.


Netflix price hikes cause outrage online

No one likes bad news, but when you are announcing a 60% increase in fees, you better be prepared for a massive cry of public outrage.


Say Buh-Bye to your Free iPod

Apple shuts down their five-year “Buy a Macbook, Get a Free iPod” promotion for students. Now, all you get for your new gadgetry is a lousy $100 gift card.


We Are Going to Run Out of Food!

We are heading toward a major global food shortage because we are overpopulated, destroying our own cropland, and thanks to climate change, seeing declines in the amount of viable wheat and corn yields.