I'm just your typical Jersey girl and recent graduate (Loyola Maryland '09!) making a living in the Big Apple, working as an Assistant Media Buyer. I have a love for writing, mochas, Chianti, really terrible horror movies, rock shows, NY Giants, and being an endearingly (I hope?) awkward person. I am known around my office as the girl who is always talking about food - clearly I have a food-love problem. Twitter: @CatherineSays_


Gen Y’s Designer Dresses for Less

Move over Angelina, Kate and Halle — our generation is getting a piece of the designer action without the price tags to match!


Broadway Babies

There’s an argument to be made that despite the questionable cool factor, growing up with the influence of Broadway musicals is only a good thing.


Keep the Lights on for Spidey!

“Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark” has become the biggest joke of the Great White Way. I was dying to see for myself whether Spidey could hold his own in a musical.


Where Would We Be Without Bieber?

I started to wonder what the world would be like if Justin Bieber never put out a record, never had his own 3-D movie and never became a pop sensation. Buckle up, folks, because things could get ugly.


Live From New York, it’s…Total Request Live?

And at the tail end of the ‘90s, MTV enriched our lives with a little program that became symbolic of late ‘90s pop culture: Total Request Live, our generation’s American Bandstand.