I am a creator by instinct, a scholar by instruction, and a philosopher by inclination. I owe a lot to Plato, much to Thomas Aquinas, some to Friedrich Nietzsche, and a bit to Hunter S. Thompson. I write in the moment, but for the ages.


From Manhattan to Madrid, They March

The young people of the planet have begun to rise with one motion and speak in one voice, and the message is clear: enough is enough.


When Did We Stop Worrying About Unemployment?

Thanks to Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, national discourse been hijacked by ‘the deficit’. Yet this masks America’s biggest national threat: unemployment.


Pakistan Sick & Tired of the CIA’s Bullshit

The U.S. vaunted strategy of “winning hearts and minds” doesn’t quite pack the same punch when it’s having to share front page space in the Pakistani newspapers with stories of drones turning children and wedding parties into spatters of blood on the rock.