Editor of Biopsy magazine and resident of New Jersey.


Suicide on the Market

Sharlotte Hydorn sold suicide kits to allow those who wish to end their lives to do so peacefully. She’s been arrested and the euthanasia debate reopened.


The Two Roads of the Drug War

Amidst everything that has gone on in the past few months, the drug war has been slightly overshadowed by other important issues. However, it remains relevant and ongoing in the background.


No Honest Abe among GOP Dark Horse Candidates

Abraham Lincoln embodied the concept of the Dark Horse candidate – the surprise element in a race that yields more shock and uncertainty than loyalty and respect. But do today’s dark horses have a similar political prowess?


Libya Intervention: Against

The costs of Libya are not worth any theoretical benefits. The recent action in Libya seems less like an intervention and more like an experiment at best or a vanity project at worst.


The Real Lesson From Egypt

As Egyptians take to the streets in hopes that they may achieve an actual democratic state, it would only be fair that Americans take similar action to convince their government that realpolitik does more harm than good in the world.


Language in the Crosshairs

American political history is riddled with metaphors of violence. Let’s look back in time to see what we can learn and apply to the future.