I am an imperfect person (though I prefer "work in progress"). In 25 years I have managed to become a graduate student in sociology, a Unitarian Universalist, vegan, social activist and the wife of my best friend. Originally from Syracuse, NY, I now live in Seattle, WA with aforementioned best friend and two dog-like cats.


Overdue Changes: Defining Rape in the 21st Century

New statistics using the FBI’s new definition of rape will give social scientists and policy makers a better understanding of the true incidence of rape and help victims find the help they need.


Chilean Student Protests: What You Need To Know

Chilean students have risen up against an educational system that perpetuates inequalities between wealthy students and poorer ones. Read on to find out how they’re doing it.


8 Gift Ideas for Travelers

It’s a tricky business, trying to give a useful present to compliment a hobby which requires light loads, self sufficiency, and careful planning.


Amanda Knox is Free: Reactions From Seattle

When Knox finally lands in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, she will return to a place she has not seen in four years: Seattle. By all signs, it is a place ready to welcome her back.


America: Still Great, But Not The Best

How great do you think America is? Are we still the greatest country in the world? Gen Y may be humbling the traditionally pompous nature of Americans when it comes to nationalism.


How to Throw an Awesome Potluck

They’re social, cheap, and fun. Throw a potluck as your next party and use these tips to make it the best it can be.