I'm an undergrad at UCLA, graduating in fall of 2011. I love competition (basketball, online games, etc.), all types of music, and as for the future, I'm still trying to find my way around. :]


Macklemore: The Modern Poet

In this world, Seattle-based rapper Macklemore comes as a breath of fresh air. A great rapper in the old-school sense, he’s versatile, rhymes well, and his lyrics speak volumes.


Breaking up (with a band) is hard to do

“The feeling of being shaped by something so meaningful that to eventually gaze upon it with emptiness feels wrong,” as Thought Catalog describes it, is just so…painful.


Nujabes: A Quiet, but Big, Impact

Before his death, Nujabes released three albums and collaborated with numerous other artists, allowing his music and delicate beats to resound in the hearts of his listeners for many years to come.


Is ‘Genre-alization’ Too Much?

People often say music brings people together, that it’s universal, and the melding of styles only further supports that idea. The loss of genre is merely a small insight into music’s rich history.