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NDAA: A Campaign Mood Killer for Youth

The president’s support of the National Defense Authorization Act has shown American youth that Obama may not be as serious about protecting civil liberties and keeping promises as he once seemed.


Is Congress Broken beyond Repair?

More and more, Congress is being lead by Baby Boomers who are much more idealistic than previous generations. This is leading to bigger political head butting than we have seen in past decades.


How Occupy Can Survive the 2012 Elections

Pivoting to a movement for online voting in elections could be the focus that keeps Occupy on the political map and forces change in Washington.


The Foreseeable End of the Iraq War

Now that the Iraqi people are free to run their government and no longer want us there, it is time to go. The reasons to keep troops in Iraq are far less significant than the Iraqi peoples’ wish to have us leave.