I adore cupcakes, classic Disney movies, grammar, a good German Riesling, coffee mugs, coffee in general, the smell of just-blown-out-candles, and anything autumn related. I dislike drama, long bathroom lines, being cold, ketchup, and anything neon. I'm an avid Food Network watcher, I miss the simplicity of old cereal commercials, and I wish Corey and Topanga were a real couple.


5 Fall Drinks to Keep You Warm

When the first chilly night of the season arrives, it’s time to trade in your soda and iced coffee for some warm drinks to chase away those goosebumps. Stay warm!


A Wine Guide for N00bs

More and more 20-somethings are opting for wine these days, and it’s a natural progression to learn more about the characteristics and differences between kinds of wines.