I am a dedcated writer and activist with interests in identity psychology and race U.S. relations. I am currently working as a freelance journalist in the Atlanta area. It is my hope to one day revolutionize journalism with the infusion of academic rigor and analysis. Twitter: @iDXR


A Meditation on Black Manhood

This piece is part of a special series on the End of Gender, in partnership with the Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, Salon, and others.


Learning About the Real World from ‘The Real World’

From the asinine to the topical, “TRW” has covered the gambit of young adult life in a way that draws the viewer in, allowing us to live vicariously through diverse groups of individuals not too different from ourselves.


Extrajudicial Hearings: Now That’s American!

How lovely our world would be if all of the crazy in it came with a label, if terror had a name and a face. Peter King needs to understand that a more perfect union is a more complicated one.