Some days I'm a total social butterfly who loves nights out, and other days I'm a homebody enraptured in a good book or movie. Nothing, however, gives me more pleasure than fighting for human rights through writing and activism. For me, being at a concert, play, symphony, opera, or any other type of live performance is like being home away from home.


Top 10 Epic Party Movie Scenes

From classics like “Animal House” to contemporary hits like “Superbad,” here’s our list of the best motion picture parties.


Stop Awfulizing, Start Living

Worrying that things will never turn out OK? You may be the victim of awfulizing and you’re not alone.


Ethereal Trance + Punk Rock = Spacey Revolution

Pop Pistol makes it hard to neatly put them in one genre. But this works to the band’s advantage, letting fans become excited and hungry for every new move they make.


Estrella Negra is a celestial delight in the city of Chicago

Let the constellations guide you and your friends to this Wicker Park restaurant. With its kind servers and an eccentric twist on classic Mexican food, this peculiarly decorated place will have to going back for more.