Hi, I'm Dylan. I was named after a famous poet and Welsh Sea God. I am neither famous nor Welsh. I have a passion for creativity, writing, and storytelling--all of which have been honed for the ad profession known as copywriting. If I were a man of few words, I wouldn't be here.


Pepsi’s revealing creativity

Any avid viewer of the World Cup is aware that Diego Maradona is the unpredictable coach of Argentina’s football team. On May 26, he publically stated that if his team wins the World Cup, he would run through the streets of Buenos Aires totally nude. Pepsi then released a print ad announcing it will have its Argentinean bottles go label-less if Argentina wins the whole shebang – the tag reads, “If the coach goes naked, we will, too. Pepsi promises.”


Food For Thought

If eating is something we must do in order to survive, then why is it killing us? Watch Jamie Oliver’s speech from the 2010 TED Conference and you’ll learn that “diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States … Continued


Stop Texting?! Srsly? WTF!

It’s the one Safe Happens spot CPB Group never made: a shiny, new Jetta cruises down the road. It’s a quiet drive until interrupted by a familiar beep; the driver fidgets through his pocket, returning with cell phone in hand. … Continued


What’s Your Story?

If you caught a brand manager on the street (with a giant net and sedatives… don’t let it bite you!) and asked for a description of the Millennial consumer, you’d hear about how selfish, arrogant, and apathetic our generation is. … Continued


Respect the Kraken

I enjoy rum, dark ones in particular. They remind me of the days I spent as a pirate out at sea, but that was another life and another post entirely. The market for alcohol and spirits reminds me of an … Continued