I'm the founder of TNGG. I blog, teach, speak, crowdsource, create communities and try to stay current. One of the original four partners at Mullen, I'm still there every day as chief creative officer and champion of change. Admittedly, I'm over 25, but they're letting me be part of the project. Twitter: @edwardboches


Gen Y, activism and Obama

This is one in a series of interviews we’ll be doing with TNGG writers so readers can get a better sense of who they are, what they care about, and the issues and ideas that are on their minds.  Sometimes, … Continued


A new editor, new ideas and a more active TNGG community

For the last seven months, this blog has been a place for Gen Y writers to express their opinions, share their ideas, and speak for themselves. The idea has been to counter the labels – entitled, unfocused, lazy – pasted … Continued


A Boomer’s Perspective On Working With Gen Y

Note: Edward Boches is the founder/creator of The Next Great Generation. I just got back from SxSW.  One of my favorite panels was the “We want to work with you” Gen Y panel #sxgeny.  For the simple reason that it … Continued


The Interview: 12-year-old Orren Fox, @HappyChickens

Yes, he’s 12.  He’s a vegetarian, a chicken lover and an animal activist.  He raises chickens, wins blue ribbons at country fairs, and shares his passion at Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs.  Oh, and we almost forgot.  He just just … Continued


The Interview: Carol Phillips, Millennial Marketer

The founder of Brand Amplitude and an instructor in Notre Dame’s undergraduate and MBA programs, Carol Phillips has been researching and writing about Millennials for a long time. Here she shares answers to TNGG’s questions about why her generation cares … Continued


The Interview: Dylan Klymenko on Ford’s Fiesta Movement

Earlier this year, Ford Motor Company announced a social media experiment which drew over 4,000 applications. At the end of April 2009, 4,000 were narrowed down to the one hundred who would represent what was called the Fiesta Movement. These … Continued