Erin attended grad school at Boulder Digital Works as part of the inaugural class and currently works as a copywriter. She is interested in transmedia storytelling, all things interactive, the absurd, and the future. Twitter: @rosErin


Finding the Future at the End of the (Analog) World

I was invited to play ‘Find the Future,’ a game masterminded by game designer and author Jane McGonigal in celebration of the library’s centennial. This is an account of my experience.


Born What Way? Lady Gaga Unlabeled

Lady Gaga’s new song, “Born This Way,” hit the airwaves Friday, and fans are expressing everything from delirious support to worry and apprehension, disappointment and even disgust after hearing it.


Loading: A new definition of art?

As part of the Conflux festival, the MoMA in New York became host to an uninvited exhibit that exemplifies the strong effect technology is having on hierarchy in the art world.


Upcoming Hollywood storylines are influenced by social media

If art is a reflection of life, it’s about time movies began focusing on the most important thing in our lives right now: social media. In the next few months, three movies directly or indirectly based on Facebook and YouTube will hit theaters to much fanfare and anticipation.


‘Life During Wartime’ and war in our lifetimes

Writer/director Solondz’s ‘Life in Wartime’ is confrontational and uber-direct when illustrating trauma and coming to terms with the truth, specifically in regards to life in post-9/11 America. Most of our “adult” lives have taken place post-9/11 and it’s harder and harder to remember what it’s like to not be on Orange Alert.