I like to play Hyper Olympic and Double Dribble for the NES while listening to The Beatles and eating falafel. I'm a communications major at Suffolk University, where I also act as the Arts and Entertainment Editor.


Gang of DIY Hip-Hop Prodigies Love the Internet

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) is a rap collective from Los Angeles, a young, a rascally gang all under 25, and they are the latest “saviors of hip-hop.”


Hotboxing the Oval: A look into Presidential drug use

Presidents are people, just like us. Especially the presidents we’ve grown up with. The Millennials are watching, and we see Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton as people who were just stereotypical college kids, doing the same things you can find in any dorm across the country. Plus, Kennedy, Jefferson, Washington and Pierce weren’t stone-cold sober either, and we’re ok with it.


Andyites love the last adventure

In 1995, there were two toys that almost every childhood friend of mine had lying around their floor: a space ranger and a cowboy. We were around the same age as the film’s main character, Andy, when the first Toy Story came out, and we all played with our toys and had similar emotions about them. Before long, some of Andy’s toys, such as Woody and Buzz, made their way into our own toy chests through Disney’s marketing magic.