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Leaving Your First Job: The Next Big Milestone

You worked really hard, dressed well, played nice, and you got your first job. But now, you’re ready to move on to something different. What’s the protocol for leaving?


Bad boys and girls will be bad boys and girls.

Recently, the FDA ruled severe restrictions on how tobacco companies can advertise. So, does it even matter? Fact is that teen smoking has declined in the past decade. Check any source. But what are we going to attribute that to? … Continued


How Does Gen Y Define Sex?

This article is part of the TNGG Sex Week series on Gen Y and sex. Read more from the series here. What comes to mind when your friend tells you they’ve hooked up with someone? I mean, which base? 1st; … Continued


Little Women – Millennial Eating Disorders

I live by the Patrick Bateman mantra, “You can always be thinner… look better.” And though I have a severe case of body dysmorphia, I have trouble discerning between boredom and hunger. I seriously binge eat at every meal. The … Continued