My name is Eve and I am a lover of writing, reading, philosophy, music, and all other forms of artistic and intellectual expression. I spend my days either at school, at my Queens Public Television internship, or simply on the computer web surfing or carrying out my inspiration to write a short story or poem. For fun aside from writing and reading, I practically live at Barnes and Noble and I love to watch horror films.


Occupy Wall Street Protesters Evacuated From Zuccotti Park

This post is part of an on-going TNGG series on youth movements. Check out more about the Children of the Revolutions. [3:36 p.m. According to Twitter and the OccupyWallSt.org livestream, the court has ruled in favor of the occupiers, but the police are … Continued


Graduation Gifts Wish List

It’s about that time of year when you’re done killing yourself one last time to make a perfect 4.0 before you graduate and make your family proud. At least you also get a gift out of it!


Internet Paranoia: They’re Watching You

It is a scary thought, feeling as if someone is watching you, especially in this age where it is entirely too easy for anyone to find you. Paranoia is becoming a constant, especially now, as the Internet and social media are growing far beyond anyone’s expectations.


Sex Under the Influence

What happens when an act so stimulating is mixed with substances made specifically to achieve a state of intoxication? That’s right, let’s talk about sex on drugs.