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Under 30 India: Poised for Success

India’s up-and-coming generation is ready to put in the hours to get better education, job opportunities, and globe-trotting prowess.


I’m growing up digital, wired for distr…look, a kitty!

This is the “information age.” We are all information processors, and the more efficient we get at it, the better we fare in the real world. Older generations should take a cue from us, not lament the end of the world as they knew it.


Workplace for wanderlust

Whether it is about charting the right career path, finding the right channel for our creative energy or aligning our personal and professional goals, the workplace will be a big part of what comes out of our “emerging adulthood” life stage. If companies recognize this fact and create the right environment for us, we can explore this sense of possibilities, together.


A generation of dimwits? I don’t think so!

According to Newsweek, the creativity quotient of American kids is in decline. (Cue disgruntled groans.) The truth isn’t that we’re less creative. We’re redefining creativity – and just because we create and think differently than previous generations doesn’t mean we’re the dimwits they make us out to be.