I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio but recently moved to beautiful Sydney, Australia. I'm a Social Media Specialist at digital agency, Switched On Media here in Sydney. I'm a graduate of Otterbein College where I studied Public Relations with a Deaf Culture/Language minor. I'm passionate about community service, tennis, travel and helping people. Feel free to send me a tweet and say "hi" - I love meeting new people: @HannahDeMilta


Interview with a Nomad: Meet Wandering Earl

When Derek Earl Baron left the United States for a three-month, post-grad trip to Southeast Asia, he didn’t expect to still be on that same trip more than 12 years later.


How To Find a Job on Twitter

Just being on Twitter doesn’t get you the job. Being awesome gets you a job; Twitter is just the tool. Undergrads are often told they should be utilizing social networks because it can get them internships and job offers. They sign up for Twitter and start following some professionals and companies, but they don’t understand the full potential. Here’s how to use Twitter.


Communicating on Skype

I’m a big fan of Skype. It was first introduced to me as a cheap way to call home during my semester abroad, but I’ve many more uses for it. I think we’ll continue to see more uses for this … Continued


Embracing your Gen Y Status: SXSWi Edition

One of the SXSW interactive panel sessions (and discussions) I attended this week was called “Why Gen Y Wants to Work ‘With’ You, Not ‘For’ You.” The five panelists were all Gen Y employees who shared their personal experiences and … Continued


Interview with Jason Stewart: Volunteer of our Generation

Jason Stewart is a college senior and current president of Circle K International (CKI). It is the world’s largest collegiate service organization with more than 12,000 members in 17 nations. Each year Circle K members perform more than 1 million … Continued