I'm a Southern girl who just graduated from Boston University's College of Communication with a major in advertising and a minor in English. I love beautiful colors, characters and creations and I'm currently trying to find my place in this crazy world we call advertising. You can find me in my kitchen cooking pastries, at my computer creating layouts or @hannahREMUND.


Cheapishly: Glee Girl

Readers, my life was recently changed when I stumbled upon the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear (WWEPW) blog.


Cheapishly: Saving Online

The best deals can be found online – like these summer sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.


TV’s Top Playboys

The only place we find men more worthy of the skirt-chasing “Playboy” title than the venerable Mr. Hefner is in the fictional world of television. So who are the most illustrious playboys currently wooing women on the TV screen?


The Gig is Up: Great concert posters

As CDs become less and less popular, album art has fallen by the wayside. But, bands have begun using posters to express themselves visually.


2011 Oscar Recap: The Show

Yes, it had it’s highlights, but even cute kids couldn’t save this show.