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What’s New on the “New-New” Twitter

Twitter is finally in a new lucrative position to make some serious cash and challenge the earnings from its friends over at Google and Facebook. It’s a new era for Twitter and the new-new Twitter overhaul plays a big part.


5 Gift Ideas for the Freelancers

However, being a freelancer ain’t easy. The lifestyle can be grueling, filled with all-nighters and a world full of frustrating situations. This holiday season, it’s time to give the freelancer in your life a break with these ideas.


Innovative Social Media Use at Colleges: The Power of Blogs

Some colleges are turning to the right demographic to tell you how it really is: their students. Whether it’s to reach next year’s freshmen or engage current co-eds, here are four colleges that are utilizing blogs in interesting ways.


What Foursquare Was Up to on Their Summer Vacation

While the rest of us were checking-in to our favorite beaches and bars, Foursquare has been getting ready to push out new features and updates just in time for the fall.