After finishing my History degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I booked it to the Mecca of Nerdom, Washington, DC, where I work in political communication. I enjoy biking, philosophizing over a Wisconsin brew, and many other Americana pastimes.


Death of the Dictator

As the borders between traditional nation-states become more porous, a new global identity is forming, introducing citizens to new ideas and other ways of life.


Generation Sell? Kinda, But Not Quite

Instead of flappers, beatniks, hippies or punks, we’ve got hipsters, who have become one of the most lucrative consumers – and entrepreneurs – in fashion, media, film and music.


The Progressive Movement Courts Millennials

At the Campus Progress National Conference, leaders urged Gen Y to dig deep to find the truth – and then use that as an engine for social change.


Bursts of Nationalism Rock DC

In between the honking, cigar smoking and the spontaneous renderings of the national anthem and “God Bless America,” chants of “Yes we can” quickly turned into “Yes we did,” as the post-Bin Laden death announcement crowd in front of the White House swelled to nearly 2,500.


More Taxes? Yes, Please!

In Wednesday’s speech, President Obama finally said what was on everyone’s mind: Reaganomics will not work in the United States. The era of unfair taxation is over.


Detroit, 2.0

The Imported From Detroit commercial urged Americans to accept Detroit for what it is – an American city that has hit its share of road blocks, but rather than giving up, is starting anew.