I currently live in Washington D.C., though i still call New England home. I have a master's degree in public health and policy and a background in political science and communications. I work for social justice in health care, and am eager to engage social media, public movements, and sound policy to create and sustain lasting change. Twitter: @Jschmidt19


What You Need to Know about SOPA (H.R.3261)

This is what you need to know about the Stop Online Piracy Act, which many fear will lead to a slippery slope of censorship. Plus, the free porn will be gone from the Internet.


Occupy Wall Street: Gen Y Against It

Although occupations across the US have grown immensely over the last month, not everyone in our generation is supportive of the movement.


Classic Drinks For Newly Minted Drinkers

We’re no strangers when it comes to experimenting, and this generation seems to be maturing into trying more complex cocktails than others before us.


Why Are We Celebrating?

We have brought down an evil, vicious, sadistic murder and terrorist, and the world will be better for it, but death at any rate or for any reason is not a cause for celebration.


Third Parties + 2012 = White House?

It’s election season again, and the idealists, politicians, and crazies who associate themselves with the infamous third party movement are coming out of the woodwork.


This is a Big F***ing Deal: Part 2

The president’s health reform package faces an uphill battle against congressional republicans and a number of GOP governors – but the fight isn’t over yet.