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Sex Week Reboot: The Planned Parenthood Problem

The gauntlet was thrown down this week when the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Yep. The GOP wants to strip away access to free contraceptives and preventative womens’ health care.


Loving Woody Allen and his Women

Decades of fame hasn’t diminished Woody Allen’s ability to cast the best leading ladies of the day, which makes his films palatable for even the most disengaged twenty-something.


A Performance Art Primer

Here’s a quick introduction to three of my favorite performance artists.


The Feed Bag: Food Labels with Flair

If your pre-packaged Lean Cuisine contained a label absolutely disclosing all the bad-for-you-things inside, would you still eat it?


The Feed Bag: Happy Meals Still Sad

McDonald’s has introduced a “healthier” version of their kid-portioned meals, without nixing the toy. But is that the right way to go to curb obesity?


The Feed Bag: Somalian Famine Not Drying Up

The climate in Somalia is worse than ever. With aid restricted by Islamist rebels in the south, it’s no wonder famine exists, after two decades of steadily increasing starvation due to instability.