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Asheville, NC: Beauty and the Beer

Asheville is known for great beer, great food, a bustling live music and arts scene and an abundance of outdoor activities.


Don’t Compare Twilight and the Hunger Games. Just Don’t.

The Hunger Games have taken the teen series spotlight. Although it’s geared toward the same age group, the Hunger Games has very little in common with the Twlight saga, which it gets compared to all too often.


A Survivors Guide to Moving Home

If you happen to find yourself facing this fate, follow these tips to make the most of your stay with the ‘rents.


Nostalgia Moment: Book Series from our Childhoods

Children’s books are not what they used to be. What happened to the good old days before Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games? Remember the wholesomeness?


Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Classics

To help refresh your memory (and re-energize your youthful wonderment) here are our favorite non-Disney animated classics.


iPad: Best Thing Since the Overhead Projector?

Gigantic textbooks, no. 2 pencils, and spiral notebooks may soon be the thing of the past. As the iPad hit school hallways, new apps allow students to not only consume information, but also interact with and manipulate it.