[TNGG Boston] I'm a recent Suffolk University graduate facing the bittersweet, often hilarious consequences of following my heart and majoring in Creative Writing. While a great deal of my time is spent fantasizing, reading, or writing about living in another place, time, or dimension, I do find certain pleasures in today's world, such as discount airline companies and chai lattes. I also enjoy eavesdropping on strangers and competitive pizza-making.


With the E-Book Revolution, Quantity Overthrows Quality

An argument against the e-books and their haphazard digitization of print. E-Readers allow owners to carry entire libraries in their pockets, but it’s at the cost of cheapening individual pieces of literature.


Allston DIY Fest: You Have Nothing to Lose!

The communally planned, anti-corporate, outdoor celebration of all things DIY, includes day-long live music from many locally cherished bands and performance artists.