I recently graduated the University of Hartford with a B.A in Rhetoric and Professional Writing, hoping to take that degree and apply it to a job associated with one of my passions: video games, sports, etc. I live by the philosophy that life is just a large game and you can play it a number of different ways, whether you choose to win by any cost or are just in it to laugh and enjoy the company of other players. For the most part, I play for the enjoyment, but who doesn't like to win every now and again?


5 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Gamers looking to buy themselves something nice, or parents unsure what to give their gaming warrior this holiday season have difficult choices to make. Here are some ideas for the gamer in your life.


Batman Continues with Arkham City, the Game

Following 2009’s critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum, the much anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham City was released this week in North America.