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Live Tweeting Super Bowl 45

Two hundred and two tweets later, I break down the highlights of #sb45 with a little help from the Twitter community and pick the real winners and losers of the night.


The Millennial Bride

Gen Y weddings are on the rise, and they are bringing in a new wave of wedding traditions. Do-it-yourself and vintage detailing is becoming more and more popular.


It’s Not All Tweeting and Poking: A Guide to Hiring a SoMe Manager

This post is part of TNGG’s Career Week. Older managers already have doubts about our work ethic and our professionalism, yet they need a savvy social media user whom they can trust to manage their online relationships. They need someone who is not going to make them feel like a “n00b” when explaining what “the Twitter” is and, even more importantly, someone who won’t waste the company’s time trolling all day.


I got my degree. Now what?

Getting a degree doesn’t mean getting a job. Millennials’ expectations for their careers aren’t realistic, but whose fault is that? Ours? Or our Baby Boomers parents? And what steps can we take to get results on the job hunt?