Kaitlin Ugolik, 22, grew up in North Carolina and studied journalism and international studies at Elon University. She's currently working on her M.S. at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She hopes to find a job that allows her to report across multimedia platforms. She’s an avid reader of non-fiction literature and graphic novels. Twitter: @kaitlinugolik


WIKILEAKS: Journalism and Truth in the Digital Age

Julian Assange and his website have made headlines the world over. But is Wikileaks becoming the middle-man for journalists, allowing reporters to become lazy in their watchdog obligations? Whatever the reason for the information dumps, Wikileaks is good for journalism and good for democracy.


Millennial Role Models, High and Low

We want to inspire like we are inspired. First, though, we may do many other, unrelated things. And we have the luxury of time; many of us don’t feel rushed to meet our potential.


Networking resource, not a time-waster

A new report shows that Facebook has now surpassed Google in the amount of time users spend looking at the site. From network TV morning shows to staff meetings, the older crowd is obsessing over how to deal with us and our modes of communication. But it’s really time to realize that social is a resource, not just a waste of time.