I graduated as a Psych/English major from a tiny liberal arts school with 1700 students, and now I'm in a tech corporation thirty times its size. In a graduate rotational program with five stints within the corporation, I'm learning--quickly-- about corporate politics, managerial styles, and how to earn (and network) my way to the next rung of the corporate ladder. A Bostonite from birth, I'm living in a sweet apartment in Brookline, MA, where I frequently overdose on Thai takeout and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Welcome to College! Now Buy Our Stuff

Big brands are infiltrating students’ schedules, wardrobes, and spare time in order to grow their footprint among university youths.


Networking for N00bs

Networking isn’t just cocktail hours and pre-sanctioned registrations where eager wanna bes try to shmooze with middle-aged, balding execs.