I'm a 2008 Grad of the University of Illinois, where I majored in English. Now, unlike most of my Millennial peers, I am married and mommy to the freaking cutest kid you've *ever* seen. I am not technically employed (unless you count cleaning my mom's house for $90 a month), but I'm very connected with (i.e. read a ton of blogs & articles) and interested in the consuming, voting and lifestyle trends of my generation, especially as more of us become spouses/partners and parents.


Confessions of a Millennial Housewife

Welcome to my life. Yes, I am a housewife. I am worth absolutely nothing – less than nothing, in fact, when you count my student loans. So when some unsuspecting someone asks me, “So what do you do?” I cheerfully answer, “I stay home with my son.” When I made the decision to stay home, it was the result of job hatred and daycare fear, not to fulfill a frilly, feminine destiny.