Katie is a Millennial marketer with a strong B2B background. Her experience includes social media, public relations, marketing communications and brand management for start-ups and large enterprises across the US and UK. In addition to working at Ripple6 as a Marketing Manager, she uses her talents to help musicians and labels develop their marketing, branding and promotions strategies, including heading up all marketing and promotions for Pressing Issues - the world's first democratic record label. She may or may not happen to be a coffee snob. Twitter: @misskatiemo


Whatever happened to respect?

I’d like to lodge a formal request to be treated like a human as I pass through the security checkpoints. Hey, TSA, be nicer! Getting to the airport three hours before a flight, packing loads of conditioner into three-ounce bottles and then into bags, and then being treated like I ruined your day is simply rude. How about a little consideration?


In Defense of Hipsters

Oh boy. Hipsters. Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – aka – “Hipster Central”, I quite honestly can’t escape the topic. There have been a lot of articles written about hipsters, and even more websites made about hipster culture. The New York … Continued


Boxee: I’d Cancel Cable for That

OK, so I’m a Millennial. I’m supposed to love the Internet for all its glory, and I’m supposed to browse sites like YouTube and Hulu with close to religious devotion. Too bad I don’t. It may come as a surprise … Continued


“You’re Doing It Wrong”

My generation – the next great generation – was raised to believe that whatever we set out mind to accomplish, we could achieve.  We were raised to believe that we could fly to Mars, or that we could cure cancer.  … Continued