Kayla Brown is the author of the “Boston Babe Sports Bible” series and TNGG's weekly fashion column, "Haute and Dangerous" (inspired by a Ke$ha song). She hopes to one day channel her debilitating caffeine addiction into the noble art of copywriting. Her interests include watching YouTube videos of cute animals doing funny things. If you think you can handle it, follow her on Twitter: @kjbrown22.


Haute and Dangerous: In the office

It can be confusing, but appropriate office wear was never broken down so easily. Kayla tells you how to be haute in your professional life.


Haute and Dangerous Sex Week Special: Zodiac Lingerie

Do Libras prefer G-strings or thongs? Can there ever be too much liquid latex where a Scorpio is involved? All of the infinite secrets of the universe will be put to rest in this week’s Haute and Dangerous Sex Week Special.


Haute and Dangerous: Flash Sale Frenzy

Sorry, Kayla didn’t feel like writing about the Golden Globes. This week’s topic: navigating the choppy waters of e-commerce ‘flash sale’ sites without losing your soul.