Kaylee Kutnick graduated from UC Riverside in only three years, magna cum laude with a BA in creative writing. She now lives in Los Angeles and is trying to break into the entertainment industry. She enjoys writing for her own blog about the perils of her dating life and also enjoys writing paranormal screen plays, in hopes that she finish and sell one...one day. She also enjoys painting, performing and saving the world, one strong opinion at a time.


The Real Repercussions of Reality TV

Like the morbid intrigue of a car accident, watching peers’ happiness can’t compare to nitty-gritty drama, and these days spectators can’t seem to look away.


Sarah Palin’s Alaska is Boring!

Sarah Palin’s Alaska broke TLC’s record for viewers during its premiere, but the show seems to lack the drama and excitement that draws people to reality TV. Will it last?


Health Insurance: Who has a right to be protected?

After graduating from college, I was no longer able to keep my university health insurance, nor was I eligible to stay on my parents’ plan. As a lost and impoverished grad, I sought out affordable health insurance. I applied to several companies, all of which did not approve me based on a pre-existing condition, and I became one of the 40 million Americans without insurance.


People are not cars: My take on the world of online dating

The online dating experience, while beneficial in some ways, leaves much to be desired. Judging on physical specs (height, smile, body type) is the way we date these days, but the Internet doesn’t allow us the ability to use our instincts and really like someone for who they are, as opposed to meeting in person.


Twilight point-counterpoint: The reason for the vampire lust

The popular series “puts a whole new twist on vampires,” allowing the combination of “suspense with romance.” Without the action of the vampires, Twilight would be just another gooey love story. Stephenie Meyer did something for thousands of women across America: she revived the novel and taught us that it can be fun and exhilarating to read.


The United States of LA

This post is part of a TNGG series on cities. Los Angeles is a big city. You obviously know that, but I meant in terms of surface area. The city encompasses so much land that one can’t just say, “I … Continued