I appreciate all the little things in life. I got an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. I work in Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, to be precise), and I teach an English course at Luzerne County Community College. In my spare time I enjoy painting, singing karaoke, crocheting, and watching good movies. I navigated a quarter-life crisis and managed to land on my feet. I couldn't live without Dunkin Donuts, and I have naturally curly hair.


4 Simple Rules of a Great Karaoke Night

Nothing beats a good karaoke night. The music is live, the drinks keep coming, and the mood is always fun. Why are we ignoring such a fun opportunity?


A Big Farewell to the Big Man

Clarence Clemons passed away on June 18, but he’ll never really be gone. As long as his music is still around, we’ll have him. He called his saxophone “a vehicle to move my spirit around.” And it’ll be around forever.


The Pros and Cons of Summer School

Summer’s here! That means the sun, traveling, and.. school? TNGG tells you the pros and cons of taking summer courses.


Millennial + Boomer = Love?

The May-December romance concept is nothing new, but it’s new for us. Age is just a number, after all, whether you’re two days or twenty years apart.


Don’t want a baby? No biggie

I feel lucky to have been born into a world where my contraceptive choices are virtually endless. Gone are the days of the pullout method. We have so many options that it can get kind of boggling. In this day and age, it’s up to a woman to decide when (and if!) to have a baby.