I'm an optimistic, aspiring strategist at the University of Oregon. My passions are advertising, technology and baking. I was born in England and raised in Hong Kong. Twitter: @itsLeoWatson


Owning the Group Project

Group projects are a part and parcel of our working lives, whether you’re in the office or still in college. Yet how do you cope and how do you turn results to your favor?


The 3D Revolution: Here today, gone tomorrow?

The movie studios are tricking us into seeing things that are not there, suspending our disbelief and covering up sub-par writing with shiny, pretty treats, like 3D.


News of the World: The Fall of Murdoch?

The ripple effect across all forms of media, especially those within the Murdoch empire, has been great – but will his outlets fall like dominoes, or will he bounce back?


Gay Rights From New York to the UN

It may become a state-by-state, country-by-country affair, but as our generation matures, and through our public participation, more gay rights will be granted across the globe.