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Occupy Wall Street: A Nationwide Movement

What began as a few hundred people on Wall Street nearly a month ago has expanded to occupations in nearly every major city across the country. Backed by Gen-Y, along with the 99% of Americans struggling on a daily basis, the occupy movement is spreading and continuing to gain momentum.


Are We the Lost Generation? (A Response)

Gen Y is struggling to leave home, find work, and begin a family in record numbers, and The Atlantic has dubbed us “lost.” Lexis wants you to know why that’s an over-step.


Beer Pong and Beyond

Like every drinking game, there are always variations and other ways to play, so here are a few to get you started, for those who feel like venturing out of the typical party game.


New Hubway System Keeps Boston’s Youth Moving

A new innovation is gliding through the streets of Beantown, and this time it’s not those ridiculous Segways, but a new, state-of-the-art, bike-sharing program called The Hubway.


The First Big Trial of our Generation: What do you think?

Casey Anthony was found not guilty and the social media-fueled outrage has been incredible. It’s the first big trial of our generation and it’s captivated the country. So what do you think? Did she kill Caylee?


DIY: How to Create A Resume that Stands Out

Regardless of your sparkling personality, great interview skills, or fascinating work history, your resume is a large part of whether or not you get hired.