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Are Movies Dying?

The absence of exciting plot lines, the lack of thought-provoking endings and the endless amount of remakes and unnecessary sequels have taken the fun and anticipation out of going to the movies.


Bansky, artist of our time

The famously anonymous street artist and his world-wide societal satire will no doubt become synonymous with this generation.


What You Didn’t Know About Mormons

For some reason, Mormonism has always seemed a bit taboo. It’s as though people just don’t know what to make of this religion. When the word Mormon comes to mind, most people think, “Oh yeah, those people who can marry multiple wives.” But there’s more to this than polygamy.


Alicia Keys is dead. Well, her Twitter is.

Through “Digital Death,” celebs and the Keep a Child Alive charity teamed up to promote awareness and seek donations to combat AIDS globally. Does giving up social media really make a strong statement for the now-famous (RED) campaign?