After graduating from BU in 2010 with a degree in advertising, I dove deep into the mire of food servitude, chatting up tourists and defining mignonette and chiffonade, all the while plotting my escape into copywriting. While doing so, I spent--and still spend--my time traveling, writing, baking, and kickboxing. I have been to over 20 countries, know more about TV and media than my mother thinks is healthy, and have a profound fondness for parallel syntax and parenthetical asides. I also write the weekly Down the Tubes TV column for TNGG. Twitter: @lapetiteking


Queue It or Screw It: The Fun in the Formula

With something so cut-and-dried as your average cop show, where’s the intrigue? What makes formulaic shows like police procedurals or medical dramas so fascinating?


Queue it or Screw it: Sketchy

Whether you’re a Portland resident, a fan of laughing at Portland residents, or just someone with ADD, you can be sure “Portlandia’s” short and sweet sketches will hold your attention.


Queue it or Screw it: Golden Globes Guesswork

This Sunday, Ricky Gervais’ acerbic wit returns to the Golden Globes, to the chagrin of every invitee but the seat fillers. Who will win and who will be the butt of mean jokes?


Queue it or Screw it: The Replacements

Midseason is a cruel time in TV. Critical hit shows are given the brushoff by the networks, disappointing fall premieres produce their last episodes, and most of the networks take a holiday hiatus in order to extend their run to … Continued