I'm a May 2010 graduate from Emerson College with a love for learning and an adoration for classic films, most types of music, Broadway shows, and food (lots of it!). I will always be a NYC'er at heart but do have a deep infatuation with Boston and the New England region. I graduated with a degree in Marketing Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies and currently I am an account coordinator at a boutique PR agency.


New Android-powered E-Reader Enters Market

As people make the final leap to buy e-readers, and the market gets more crowded with reputable brands, making the choice of e-reader difficult. Here are the newest e-readers on the block.


How grim is our future?

Tens of thousands of us are out of work. Unemployment for 20-somethings is at its highest in more than three decades and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better. But for all the doom and gloom, there are some simple things you can do to better your situation.