I'm a very open minded seeker and I have always been able to talk to and meet anyone. I always am myself whether in solitude or with people and I also find it refreshing and fascinating to connect with new people in the same way. I really dig nature, poetry, music, film and filmmaking.


5 Holiday Movies for Holiday Haters

There are those movies full of holiday cheer, and then there are those filled with blood, guts and despair that just happen to take place over the holidays. These are those movies.


10 Cosmic American Music Albums You Must Hear

I’m in search of the “cosmic American music.” It’s the lifeblood of the land, which originated in the spirituality of gospel and the urban blues of the wandering vagabond.


Neko Case: Force of Nature

Case’s music is that of a rolling stone which has gathered moss. Her voice is always inspiring and inviting us to go back and hear mother earth.


Fleet Foxes grow, speak with ‘Helplessness Blues’

‘Helplessness Blues’ transcends Fleet Foxes’ debut, fleshing out their poetic and poignant concerns. It’s a candidate for Album of the Year, and nothing less than a document of an emerging generation.