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Banned in DC: U.S. Attacks Libya Because… Well, F**k It.

Barack. You’re killing me. Just because the United States is the world’s largest democracy doesn’t mean that every threat to democracy suddenly becomes a U.S. problem. The United States is not the world’s police force.


Battleground Wisconsin: Scott Walker’s War on Labor

Unions may not be perfect, but in addition to giving us minimum wage, health insurance, and the forty-hour, five-day work week, they are often the only defense against unfair labor practices.


Obama + Reagan = <3?

President Obama can learn from President Reagan’s successes, but he should concentrate on not repeating his mistakes.


The GOP in 2012: God Help Us All

The Republicans aren’t wasting any time gearing up for a war on our Kenyan-born socialist Muslim President. Here’s a breakdown of possible 2012 candidates.


Happy Birthday Jesu… Wow! An iPhone!

I haven’t been to a Christmas pageant in a while. I can’t remember the last time I lit a candle on an Advent wreath. The words to “Silent Night” escape me. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve become part of the American tradition of a very secular Christmas.


Yuletide Thought Police: Political Correctness Takes Aim

First, Christmas became Xmas. Then they replaced Jesus with a reindeer. Then the stores stopped wishing people Merry Christmas, and before anyone even realized it, the commies turned the Christmas tree into a holiday tree. A holiday tree? What the fuck is a holiday tree?