I'm an Iowa Hawkeye Alum working as a Social Media Community Manager at Lightspan Digital in Chicago. I love networking, volunteering in hospital cancer wards and talking about books, public relations and social media. I'm obsessed with Warby Parker, my Kindle Fire, hipster bars and Google Reader. I also freelance for Inside the Envelope, a custom invitation design company. Twitter: @IowaHawkeyeMeg


4 Ways to Stand Out at Speed Networking Events

Social networks, email and text taught us how to research papers, stalk ex-boyfriends, and abbreviate, but not quite how to connect. Here are some tips on communicating your best self.


Gaga’s ‘Do and Branding You: Thoughts on Hair

  Monday’s iTunes release of Lady Gaga’s new single, “Hair,” sparked vibrant Twitter discussions among her little monsters and made the #hair hashtag a trending topic. The pop queen celebrated the debut by dyeing her locks pink and tweeting “I … Continued