I'm a recent grad from Boston University where I studied marketing and advertising, with a concentration in making life references to TV comedies (the good ones) and an addiction to social media. Hoping to one day have a career that combines my love of comedy, TV/film, social media, writing, volunteering, traveling, concerts, puppies (why not?), and napping. Until then, sarcastically live-tweeting my 20's here: @MeghanRRoss


The First Ever Celebrity TweetCreep

We here at TNGG have decided to dedicate a weekly “report” on the best of the worst (and maybe some of the actual best) tweets, essentially creeping on the biggest celebrity tweeps.


5 Gift Ideas for the Couch Potato

‘Tis the peak of the season for couch potatoes everywhere and some of the best TV-watching days are ahead of us this week.


5 Gift Ideas for the 90s Nostalgic

Whether you were just starting to walk (in your baby Reeboks), Skip-It-ing through puberty or relating your high school experience to Pearl Jam lyrics, ’90s culture continues to be significant to Millennials.


How to Live Before You Die: In Memoriam of Steve Jobs

After the sad news of his death broke, it dominated Twitter and brought about stories, quotes, and lessons learned from a man who lived a life reflective of those very words he spoke at Stanford’s graduation ceremony.