Melanie Wong is the Managing Editor for the Brands section. A senior at Emerson College in hopes of a B.S. in Marketing Communications: Advertising and Public Relations. She also carries a Entrepreneurship minor. Melanie is in the process of developing a business plan for a Social Media Consulting Agency based in San Francisco hoping to package social media to small local businesses. She loves writing about technology (avid WoW player and Xbox 360 devotee), social media, hot trends and cute things (see blog). Her favorite blogs include Mashable, Copyranter, and Twitter: @melanieswong


Swan diving into the best night of your life

It takes more than some chiseled pecs and a cobblestone mid-section to win over Gen Y, but it doesn’t hurt. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like has become a cultural phenomenon among men and women. It’s because he’s perfectly balanced. He’s got the sex appeal of George Clooney (Hello, Ladies) and the likable, over-the-top manliness of those Chuck Norris facts. The resulting mix is something that makes the girls swoon, the guys high-five and everyone laugh.


I’m Sorry, This Water Is Reserved For Special People

“I don’t understand why you would buy Fiji water Melanie, it supports a fascist government.” My roommate comments on my purchasing choice after I come back from Whole Foods, carrying in a 1L bottle of Fiji water. I think to … Continued


Google It: 5 Ways to Target Gen Y

This post was co-written via Google Wave between McKenzie Lawton and Melanie Wong There is no doubt that Google is a huge company that has blown up in revenue over the past couple years. Most recently, they spent 30 Million … Continued


The Cool/Hip Dilemma – iPhone vs. Droid

June 29th, 2007 should be renamed to The Day of Reckoning for all iPhone users. The iPhone was sold to thousands of Apple-enthusiasts, eagerly waiting hours, days, to get their hands on the Apple iPhone 3G. The sleek, cool, slender … Continued