[TNGG Boston] I'm twenty-one and finishing up my last year at college. I'm pumped to expand my world and see what's out there yet I know there is still plenty for me to accomplish here at school. I know what I believe in and I will always stand by it.


All we want is some simple sanity!

The greatest political problem our generation must rally for isn’t fighting or ending the war, fixing the economy, social welfare, reproductive rights, civil rights, or anything seemingly remotely straight forward. It’s a much larger, vaguer thing that we must fight for: sanity.


You’re wrong, NYT! Gen Y politicos vote when it’s important

The idea that there is some kind of resurgence among youth or frustration at the establishment is hardly a novel concept. However, to claim that the kind of divisions that plague Congress are reaching out into college aged kids, as a recent NYT article implied, is simply ludicrous.