I am a city girl drawn to diverse and cultural places, which makes sense since I moved to New York from Miami to work in advertising. Performing and traveling are lifetime passions that taught me how to connect with people. I am a dreamer and rightfully so since "we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." Twitter: @marrazcaeta


Are Women-Owned Businesses an Untapped Market?

The glass ceiling may still be there, but that’s not to say that women will not lead the charge in job creation and business growth in the future.


Virgin, The Life of a Millennial Company

Virgin Airlines was officially established in 1984 and it offered a point of difference: improved service and airline entertainment. Richard Branson is an example our generation can look up to.


Salary Negotiations: What are you Worth?

Negotiating can be a tricky business. But there are some methods you can learn to get through the process with class and ease.


Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt. Do it.

Use social media to your advantage and prevent it from becoming an obstacle in your job search. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn serve different purposes, but they’re all important.


The Great Food Truck Nation

There have always been street-side food vendors. But the “non-sketchy” food wave is sweeping the nation as designer food trucks set up shop in cities across the country.


Show, don’t tell, when selling a brand

Start expecting the unexpected. Digital and experiential marketing are not mutually exclusive. Augmented reality, merchantainment and interactive games are just the first developments in the realm of live digital experiences.