Nathalie grew up in a small town in Maine. As was tradition in her region, she saddled up her moose when she came of age and journeyed to Boston, where she attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. There, she learned a variety of skills in the arts, majoring in 3-D glass and animation. She currently lives in the city with her collection of plants and spoons, and she likes it that way.


TinTin’s Adventures in 3D

With as solid a following as the franchise has, I was wary to see Spielberg’s Adventures of Tintin. But the lush graphics were a success and TinTin remains a masterpiece.


Skyrim: The Best of Both Worlds

On an epic release date of 11-11-11, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has hit the shelves with the might of a dragon-butchering, mead-guzzling Norse warrior.


5 Gift Ideas for Geeks

With the holidays approaching, the idea of gifting the nerd in your family can be intimidating.


The DOs & DON’Ts of Gamer Halloween Costumes

My boyfriend and I are in a costume shop, a mere two weeks before Halloween, and he’s already modeled the banana (non phallic-innuendo version) and slice of pizza costume, while the theme from Halloween blares from an in-store boombox, slowly … Continued