I'm a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur aspiring to help others catch a vision for their life and put them on a path to achieve it. Runner, cyclist, climber, social entrepreneur, dreamer, speaker, inspiration blogger, all around explorer of as many things in this life as possible. I have the pleasure of daily working with some of the most intelligent people of our generation, creating, inspiring, coaching, and developing with the greatest workforce this century has seen. I studied Economics and Photography at the fine institution of Hillsdale College, where I also learned to appreciate the finer things in life. Follow me on twitter @naemerick.


Voting with ballots and dollars

We are voting each and every day with every dollar we spend. From the movies we see, to the shoes we buy, to the stores that which we choose to shop in and the stores we don’t, we take politics into our own hands.


Helicopter Parents: Mentors or Mess-makers?

The view from above, like in a helicopter, is incredible. You can see everything perfectly – the highways and byways, the subdivisions and farmland. Sometimes I wish I had a similar perspective on my own life. The view a helicopter provides … Continued